Library Staff Photos

Tharamu Alta (Librarian)
Thara Taylor (Assistant Librarian)
Tharamu Hsar Khee La (Library Assistant)
Tharamu Mary Bell (Library Assistant)

Karen Baptist Theological Seminary Library

Welcome to the Karen Baptist Theological Seminary Library. The library provides access to print, non-print and electronic resources to meet the needs of the KBTS community.

With over 17,000 print and non-print items, the library collection reflects the intellectual breadth of religious thought and practice. On average, 100 volumes are added to the collection each semester. In addition, the KBTS library holds subscriptions to over 20 journals.


The Library has a Librarian, Thramu Elta and two assistant librarians, who supervise library work, make decision, represent the library at the meeting of the Seminary, handle correspondence, take care of the purchasing and ordering of books & catalogues and help staff and students who are using the library.

Number of Books

The Library now contains approximately 17,510 booksó12,635 in English, 3354 in Burmese, and 1505 in Karen. In addition to purchases made, generous donations and gifts have helped build up the library. Generally, the Library books are of good quality and in relevance with the Seminary's fields of studies. Commencing the 2003-2004 academic year, our Library has started using computerized system.


The Dewey Decimal classification is used. The classified catalogue cards are filed as follows:

  1. Author Card
  2. Title Card
  3. Subject Card
  4. Shelf List
  5. Central File

Journals and Periodicals

The library regularly receives report from Church bodies, and periodical bulletin from the World Council of churches, Baptist World Alliance, Myanmar Council of Churches, Myanmar Baptist Convention and Karen Baptist Convention. The collection includes both secular and religious periodicals in national language.

New Books & Service

We keep adding new books to our library collection, and now the E-library is in use for better service.

Sister Library

The Myanmar Institute of Theology Library is also available for the use of our staff and students.

Seminary Chapel

The library is closed for chapel at 9:30- 10:00 am every day.