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L-shaped Mission Training Centre

(Hpu Rev.Mooler Theh Mission Training Centre)

The L-shaped mission training centre is a new building project for Karen Baptist Theological Seminary. We are building a new L-Shaped mission training centre because we now offer new programmes and we need new classrooms for the students.

Due to the increasing number of students every year, Hpu Rev. Dr. Chit Maung Theological Education Centre, the four-storey building which was dedicated in 2000, can no longer provide enough classrooms for the students. Thus, in order to fulfill our crucial requirement, obtaining a new school building is inevitable. KBTS applied for the permission to build an L-shaped mission training centre, and several years later, we received the permission, and the construction started in May, 2009. The ground-breaking ceremony of the proposed L-shaped building was held on 5 March 2007 and the foundation stone was laid on 1 May 2009. The construction work stopped for one year, as KBTS ran out of fund, but started again in January, 2011.

Every year, the Alumni Council collects 2,000 kyats from each alumnus. Half of the collection goes to the seminary and the other half goes to the activities of the alumni council. We need the support of alumni members for our L-shaped mission training centre. We need at least 100,000kyats from each of our alumni members. This is our request to you all. We would like to thank the members who have contributed for the mission training centre. This is one of the activities of our alma mater and we need your prayer, advice, and support whether you are in the country or abroad. The council has annual magazine and a newsletter which is published three times a year for better communication and relationship.

  • Conducting training courses
  • Holding meetings and seminars
  • Holding worship services
  • Providing accommodation for guests
  • Acquiring income generating fund
  • Providing classrooms
  • Providing lodging for students from remote areas

As the deadline of the permission is the end of 2011, we do need your prayer and financial support. Donation can be sent through

  • Rev. Dr. Doh Say                    Tel. No. 95-1-642585
  • Rev. Dr. Hsa Mu Htaw           Tel. No. 09-5026673
  • Rev. Dr. Yaha Lay Lay La      Tel No. 951-643110
  • Thramu Hswe Hswe Latt     Tel. No. 951-642586 (ext.15)