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Chapel Worship

Spiritual Formation

The Karen Baptist Theological Seminary values and develops the personal spiritual development of the KBTS community through worships, devotions, prayer bands and retreat programmes.

Students are always exhorted and encouraged to lead a life worthy of the high calling of God. With the purpose of building up a good moral character among the students and molding their spiritual life, the Dawn Prayers are conducted every morning at 5:30 at the Centenary Church, and evening services are conducted by the students at their respective dorms.

The speakers for the Monday morning devotion at the Chapel are drawn from the faculty members while the students are afforded the opportunity to take turns leading the rest of the morning devotions from Tuesday to Friday. The B.Th. students are required to lead the service in English. Every Monday at 7:30 a.m., the faculty members meet at the prayer room to pray together. Commencing the 2003-2004 academic year, birthday services for staff and students are conducted monthly on the first Monday of the month. Memorial services are also conducted when there is loss of family members, and it is usually conducted on the last Monday of the month. As the Seminary is like a very big close-knit family, happiness and sadness are shared by all.

In the first month of the school year, a day of prayer is observed from morning till noon, and in addition to this, chain prayers are also conducted once a month by the students and faculty members. Moreover, on every Wednesday at 4:00 p.m. prayer meetings are conducted by various student prayer bands.

The senior students have the privilege of leading the Sunday morning worship services while the third year students lead the Wednesday evening worship services. The senior students have the responsibility to sing in the choir at the noon worship service on Sundays. The studentsí privilege of leading worship service is intended as a part of their spiritual preparation for their future ministry. Vesper service is also conducted on Sundays at 6:00 p.m. and the faculty members take turns delivering sermons and students cooperate in the vesper services.

A spiritual retreat is sponsored by the faculty members every year for the senior students to provide opportunities for them to talk about their future ministry, share their experiences, pray for one another and consecrate themselves.

K.B.T.S. has three mission fields, namely, Zanigone and Nyaungone in Yangon Division and Noe Kue in Bago Division. Faculty members and students visit the mission fields at Christmas and also on special occasions.