Student Council

Welcome to the Student Council of Karen Baptist Theological Seminary. In addition to the faculty which looks after the over-all management and administration of the school, there is also Student Council which serves as the governing body of the students themselves. For the cooperation of the student body and faculty, the Student Council represents the student body.

Six Working Committees

For the better KBTS community, the Student Council has six working committees: Athletic and Social Committee, Finance and Messing Committee, Literature and Culture Committee, Evangelism and Music Committee, Campus Beauty and Cleanliness Committee and Campus Discipline and Security Committee. All the six committees are working hand in hand for serving the KBTS community.

Each committee is empowered to make decision and conduct its programmes within the framework of the Student Councilís constitution. It is undeniable that this Student Council is very effective since every student is thereby given the opportunity to prove himself or herself in leadership, social dealing, administrative and financial trustworthiness, emotional and spiritual maturity, and social welfare among themselves and students from other theological seminaries.

Activities of Student Council

  • Fresher Welcome
  • KBTS fresher welcome is held by the Student Council every year, for the purpose of welcoming the freshers and introducing them to other KBTS family members.

  • KBTS Labour Day
  • The Student Council sends students in groups to the houses of the teachers and some nearby believers for the voluntary work. The day is known as KBTS Labour Day. The purpose is for better relationship between the students and teachers as well as the school and local churches.

  • Sports
  • The Athletic and Social Committee of Student Council handles the games and matches such as volleyball, fusel, badminton and others. The purpose of the sports is to uplift health, fitness and team-spirit of the students.

  • Music Competition
  • Every year we have music competition especially choir and quartet. We do it class by class. It aims at increasing family spirit among the students and keeping in touch with church music.

  • Cultural Night
  • It is a wonderful programme. The purpose of organizing Cultural Night is for the students to be able to sustain their cultural heritage in this changing world.

  • Spiritual Renewal Programme
  • The Student Council sets up this spiritual renewal programme every year for developing studentsí personal spirituality and having intimate relationship with God. It includes fasting, Bible study, and consecration service.

  • Gospel Campaigns
  • Every Christmas holiday, the students set up groups for gospel campaigns. During campaign period, they visit several villages day by day to share the Gospel to the community.

  • Publishing Books and Magazine
  • The Literature and Culture Committee publishes an annual magazine and other religious books every year. Publishing books and magazine is a channel to educate and promote Karen people and extend their knowledge.

The KBTS Student Council has relationship with other seminaries through Inter-Seminary fellowship programmes.

Activities Photos

Queen & King(2011-2012) Bible Competition

Football Competition Football playing

Unity Working Practise Football

KBTS Funfair Football Playing